Marcia Barton Award — Poetry

Elaine Pettus for “Winter

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LSR: I appreciated that it took some interpretation to get through your poem. What was your inspiration?

Elaine: Well, actually, when I started this poem, the first stanza, the winter scene, was the whole poem, I started doing it just on the winter and cold and stillness. Then, when I was reviewing it and revising it, it’s like it’s just not good. I realized it just didn’t have movement. It was too silent, too still. I just felt that the poem was almost telling me I needed more.

LSR: Where did the poem tell you to goo?

Elaine: I quickly got the idea of the quilt. The outside winter has the blanket of snow and inside the quilt is much more animated, colorful. And I liked that. It has a lot of juxtaposition on the silence and not, and the activity inside, and the cold versus the warmth.

And that’s mostly it. It just kind of finished and wrote itself and came to life.