For the Love of Las Cataratas de Iguazu


I could hear you before I saw you-

the truth behind the rumble

the rumble behind the truth

the orchestra of God.


I could feel you before I saw you

the mist of your relentless flow and fall

the flow and fall of your relentless mist-

It all engulfed me as I walked the wooded sidewalk

to your doorstep.


At my first sight of you

I knew I may never see you again

never hear you again, never feel you again,

my hair is already graying

while you are forever a glazed silver blue.


The journey to your natural wonder had been long-

from the Seattle metropolis to Mexico City

to the dancing colors of Buenos Aires

to your muddy village in the Northern tip of Argentina.


You make the world seem so far away-

there is no tango here

no men on stilts

no cars, no traffic

no magazine stands,

no cafes.

you stand alone in this world-


And you are what I am not-

a force of nature,

made of silken threads from heaven,

grander than any man made monument,

never the same from moment to moment,


That is why I turn to you-


As long as water tumbles over you

there will be an inevitable rush of hope-

from the riverbed plateau

to the gravity of the fall

to the pit of the pounding.


And the multitude of tear drops

that fall over

your rocky


become my tears-

tears for letting go

of what never was

and never could be.


Ten years have come and gone

and still I feel in the caverns of my heart

your drums, your incipient vapor, your eternal heights.

Still I stand in your saturating midst-

living , dying,

laughing, crying


For the love of Las Cataratas de Iguazu.