Realistic Illusion


I opened my eyes. I jerked upward and sat still on my bed for a while. It was all just a dream. A nightmare. I rolled over my bed, and carefully went down the ladder, connecting the upper bed with the ground. My brother and sister were sleeping blissfully. Their faces glimmered with peace and little smile. I silently landed my feet on the cold marble floor. I turned my back and tiptoed my way toward the door. I strode to the kitchen passing the creepy dark living room. I set my vision straight. No one knew what creatures could be luring in the darkness. I took a glass of water and calmed myself down. What did I just dream of?

* * *

It was one rainy night. The cold wind blew very strong, sending broken branches and leaves all over the place. The chill stabbed through my body. My legs were shaking and my hands were shivering. I glanced over my shoulder. My sister, my brother, and my maid were there. They placed their hands on their arms, rubbing against it for warmth.

I scanned my surroundings in the dim light. I stiffened in fear. An abandoned district. There was no sign of life. Dozens of stores lined the empty streets, all closed. Street lamps flickered occasionally. Discount flyers littered the cold wet pavement. Old fashioned posters glued on the stores’ window. The street lay silent, dripping with rain.

We stood under the edges of a store roof, sheltering ourselves from the rain. My maid (who were our guardian when my parents were away) walked past me. She tried to find somewhere safe to stay for a while until the rain stopped. A light beamed in the corner of street. My maid opened the door and reckoned us to get inside. I let my brother and sister get in first and then I entered the shop.

The wave of warmth washed over me. My body stopped shivering. I looked up and saw my brother and sister opened their mouth in awe. Their eyes glittered with excitement. I followed their gaze and discovered how vast this toy store was. Beautiful and cute dolls lined the shelves. Mini trains were hung on the high wall. Various kitchen set and car toys in boxes stacked carefully on either side of store.

My brother and sister jumped in joy and start exploring the huge toy castle. I traced my fingers against the wooden shelves. I was not convinced. I did not feel safe. Something felt off. My maid went ahead to take care of my siblings. I pinched myself to test if all this was a dream. My cheeks hurt. The pain was real. I observed my own fingers. It looked normal. This whole sensation did not show any hint of illusion; it all felt very real.

I walked across the shop to get to my maid and siblings. I wanted to go to the restroom and I did not dare to there alone. An uneasy feeling settled in my heart. I approached them and asked them to accompany me. They also wanted to go there, so the four of us went to the rest room together. We went separate ways. The girls went to the women’s restroom and my brother to the men’s. I pushed the door open and I froze.

A dark shadow showed up in front of my face. I was stunned. Cold droplets of sweat formed on my back. A dark long hair covering her face, in front of me, a pale woman stood still. Her eyes were blood red. Her black nails curved as sharp as claws. White dirty tunic hung loosely on her frail feature. She suddenly looked up at me. She flew towards me. Her lips twisted in a cruel smile, revealing yellow jagged teeth. My knees wobbled. I passed out.

I woke up in my bed. My chest was heaving furiously. My eyes were wide opened. I touched my body. I was still alive. I went to the kitchen to get some water, trying to calm myself from the horrible dream. I gulped a glass of water quickly and stared on my green plastic cup. What had just happened? I went back to my bed and questioned myself. My mind went over and over the dream whenever I tried to sleep again. I stayed up that night all the way to the next day.

Up until this day, I still remembered the dream vividly. It was just the worse nightmare I have ever had.