Marcia Barton Award — Fiction

Megan Files for “The Hive

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LSR: Tell me about making “The Hive.” It’s really scary.

Megan: Yeah! I wanted to see if I could write a ghost story. It sounds weird, but I’ve had bees on the brain for a while. I took a quick course at Hugo House and it was something about writing with Sylvia Plath. We covered a lot her bee poems. It was very inspiring.

LSR: You also have some poetry in the book this year. What’s it like going from horror to poetry?

Megan: It’s really hard, actually. I find that I can’t really focus on both at the same time. I can’t write fiction during, like, a three-month period where I’m focused on writing poetry.

LSR: When you’re making up a story, what are you drawing from?

Megan: Personal experiences and feelings and questions that I want to explore.

LSR: What question did you explore in “The Hive“?

Megan: What makes a person want to come back? And unfortunately, that character had a nasty reson for wanting to come back.