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Marcia Barton Prize

2017 Award Winners

In honor of Marcia Barton, a retired English professor who is recognized as the founding faculty advisor to the Licton Springs Review in 1990, each year since 1995, North’s Literary Guild has been awarding a one-hundred-dollar prize to contributers who excel in the categories of poetry, fiction, non-fiction, photography, and visual art. Of special note are the NSCC student recipients of the Marcia Barton Award:

Marcia Barton Prize — Poetry

Elaine Pettus for “Winter


Marcia Barton Prize — Fiction

Megan Files for “The Hive


Marcia Barton Prize —Non-Fiction

Jessica Towns for “Paper Skin


Marcia Barton Prize — Art

Khoi Tran for Grizzly Bear

Enjoy art, photography, fiction, essays and poetry created by NSC students and alumni!


Annual deadline: January 31

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